ADA Detectable Warning Panels

The Access Tile panel is a durable and lightweight cast-in-place panel that is designed for easy & fast contractor installation.

  • Access Tile Advantages:
    1. Exceptional Value - lower price than other composite panels.
    2. Lightweight - a 3'x4' panel only weighs 23 lbs.
    3. Installs in minutes without special tools - easy for contractor installation.
    4. Replaceable panel - If the City needs to remove & replace it in the future,
  • the panel can be removed without having to tear out concrete.
    5. Durability - 20 years of engineering & manufacturing experience.
    6. Available with a 5 year warranty.
    7. Recyclable material - may contribute towards LEED credits.
    8. Made in the U.S.A.
    9. Complies with Federal & State requirements. - ADA, ADAAG, Caltrans,
    10. Many City approvals.



The CASTinTACT3 panel is a high strength cementitious concrete panel designed for dectectable warning.

CASTinTACT3 Advantages:

1. Cementitious concrete panels used for both new construction and retrofit.

2. Easy to cut and core, uses on radiuses, around bollards, stairs, and vault boxes.

3. Textured concrete finish for wet and dry slip resistance.

4. High compressive and flexural strength, durable, tough and crack resistant.

5. Compatible with concrete base, similar thermal co-efficient of expansion as base.

6. Resistant to severe exposure, wet freeze thaw damage from de-icing chemicals.

7. Panels become an integral and permanent part of the walking surface.

8. Unique patented early-fast set installation method that takes 10 minutes.

9. CASTinTACT3 panels do not float during installation. Planels stay where placed.

10. Eliminates air pockets, voids, tripping hazards and ballast weight used during installation.

11. Panels appearance improves with wear and age.

12. Easy to clean, maintain and repair.