A quickly configured system designed for fastpaced gangforming with changing dimensions.

This metric dimension, modular forming system consists of a galvanized steel frame and a specially coated 15mm (5/8”) plywood face. It rovides the strength, durability, versatility and concrete finish needed for most gangforming applications.

Panels and fillers
Available in a variety of widths from 25cm to 200cm, and heights of 1 meter or 3 meters, this range of panel and filler sizes means you’ll be able to form almost any wall dimension. When combined with corners and accessories, pilaster, bulkheads and columns can be formed wtih standard equipment.

Horizontal or vertical
Alisply forms can be used horizontally or vertically, even within the same gang without compromising strength. Alisply has the strength required for the large contact areas and fast pour rates common in large gangform applications. With a design pressure of 1230 lbs/sq.ft., only two ties are needed for 3 meter panel heights.

Simple connections
The Alisply system features simple clamp connections that eliminate the need for tools and aligning bars. Setting up or changing the configuration of gangs is fast and simple with these innovative attachment clamps, reducing assemby confusion, increasing productivity and simplifying the gangforming operations.