Anchoring Epoxy



Atlas Hi-Mod Epoxy Gel is a two-component, 100% solids, high modulus, high strength, non-sag, multipurpose epoxy gel adhesive. Hi-Mod Epoxy Gel is an excellent material for structural bonding of concrete, steel, wood, masonry and other materials. This moisture tolerant epoxy gel is the ideal consistency to seal cracks and set injection ports prior to injecting cracks with epoxy. Hi-Mod Epoxy Gel is easy to use for horizontal, vertical or overhead concrete repair applications and conforms to ASTM C-881 specifications.
Also available in a paste consistency.


• Structural bonding of concrete, steel, wood, masonry and other materials.
• Chemical anchoring for bolts, dowels, pins, etc.
• Seal cracks and set injection ports for pressureinjection of concrete cracks.
• Pressure-inject cracks for a structural repair of concrete structures.
• Mix with aggregate to repair concrete spalls and voids as a non-sag epoxy repair mortar.
• Horizontal, vertical and overhead applications.
• Interior or exterior applications.
100% Solids, High Strength, Non-Sag Epoxy Gel Adhesive

Features of Atlas Hi-Mod Epoxy Gel

• Excellent bond strength to many materials.
• Moisture tolerant to allow for application on both dry or wet surfaces.
• Sets quickly for rapid strength gain and load capacity.
• Non-sag consistency is ideal for vertical or overhead applications.
• High strength, heavy-duty concrete patching material for horizontal, vertical or overhead surfaces.
• Cures to a gray color.
• Easy to use, low odor, 1:1 mix ratio.
• Proven field performance.

Technical Data & Specifications

ASTM C-881, Types I, II, IV, & V, Grade 3, Classes B & C. Meets USDA specifications for use in food processing areas. VOC Compliant. See Product Data Sheet for test results


2 quart kits (2 - 1 quart cans)      2 gallon kits (2 - 1 gal. cans)       10 gallon kits (2 - 5 gal. pails)       110 gallon kits (2 - 55 gal. drums)

Unitex Cartridge Epoxies
Pro-Poxy 100 - Low viscosity, high modulus injection resin; 16.5 oz. cartridge.
Pro-Poxy 204 - Medium viscosity, high modulus bonding agent & injection resin; 22 oz. cartridge.
Pro-Poxy 300 - Non-sag viscosity, high modulus, anchoring gel or injection gel; 10 oz., 22 oz. or 56 oz. cartridges.
Pro-Poxy 300 Fast - Fast-setting, non-sag viscosity, high modulus, anchoring gel or injection gel; 10 oz., 22 oz. or 56 oz. cartridges.
Pro-Poxy 400 - Extremely fast-setting, non-sag viscosity, high modulus, epoxy acrylate anchoring gel; 5 oz or 28 oz.cartridges.
Pro-Flex - Self-leveling, low modulus (semi-rigid) control joint sealant; 22 oz. cartridge.
Pro-Flex Gel - Non-sag viscosity, pick-proof, low modulus (semi-rigid) sealant; 22 oz. cartridge.
* - All unitex epoxies also available in bulk packaging. Contact your Atlas representative for more information.

Pro-Poxy 300 / Pro-Poxy 300 Fast Anchoring Epoxy:
• Permitted for use in wet or damp holes.     • Permitted in severe weathering locations.
• Freeze/thaw resistant.                              • Suitable for seismic conditions.
• Allowed at close edge distances.               • Allowed at shallow embedments.
• Low odor.                                                 • For both solid and hollow base materials.