ACS (Atlas Clamp System)



The new ACS (Atlas Clamp System) heavy-duty ganged wallform offers an allowable 1,650 psf pour pressure, and weighs only 11 lbs per sq.ft. ACS provides Concrete Contractors with a high performance form that is easier to set-up, strip down and transport than other modular systems.


ACS Features & Benefits

  • Maximum safe working pressure of 1,650 psf with a
  • 7/8” (20mm) thru-rod or 1-1/4” to 1” taper tie.
  • Maximum safe working pressure of 1,250 psf with a 5/8” (15mm) thru-rod.
  • The side rails support an 18mm Dulen-X® Board or 5/8” Birch Plywood.
  • Rail profi le allows for easy clamping, long form life and is easier to repair than hollow frame panels.
  • Tie holes in large size panels are designed for high capacity ties.
  • The tie hole is in a conical shape for tie tolerances and for easier cleaning.
  • For bulkhead forming, spacer channels allow for wall thicknesses of 6” to 20” with adjustment increments of 1”.
  • The 3’ wide panels provide for an effective handset application.


Dulen-X® Features & Benefits

  • High Use Capability of 1,000 pours!
  • Workable like wood- nailing, sawing and screwing
  • 18mm Poly-Propylene Composite Panels
  • Same attachment to panel frame as plywood
  • Durability - Constant rigidity throughout lifetime
  • Repairability
  • No swelling, shrinking or delamination
  • Less demand for separating agents

      ACS PDF Brochure



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