Ganged Column Forms



Atlas offers two approaches to ganged column forming: the AL-SPEED® aluminum column clamp, or the Atlas Multi-Channel steel column clamp. For both clamp systems, Atlas offers complete form fabrication and delivery to the jobsite ready for use. Individual column clamp sets are also available for jobsite form assembly. Clamps are easily adjustable to accommodate different sizes and can produce an architectural finish. Forms are available on a rental or sale basis.


Atlas AL-SPEED® aluminum forms are capable of 36" widths and generally utilized to a height up to 16 feet. They are provided with quick double closures (two piece) or hinged/single closures (one piece).


Atlas Multi-Channel forms are capable of 72" widths and have been used to heights of 45 ft. They are provided with quick swivel barrel assembly double closures.


Atlas also provides the Atlas telescopic column brace, specifically developed to meet demands from the field to have a lightweight, durable (and rentable!) adjustable brace that remains with the form and does not project below the form at the time of mechanical setting.


  Ganged Column Forms PDF Brochure



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