Jump Forms


For external elevated form applications, Atlas offers an integrated jump form system to augment our ganged wall forms. The system utilizes the Atlas A100 Frame as its nucleus, which affords a 7' or 14' wide working platform to service the elevated forms.

The system, suspended from jump-shoes bolted to the previous concrete lift, allows stripping, reworking, and preparation of the forms to proceed prior to crane assistance. This is achieved by means of a rollback carriage on which the form is mounted.

The carriage allows approximately 30" of rollback from the previously cast face, giving adequate working clearance "inside" the form. With all this activity being possible at the working level, the form never needs to be brought to ground level or stored elsewhere while decking activity is proceeding.

With this system, it is no longer necessary for unacceptably lengthy crane-intensive hoisting operations to take place. Neither is it necessary for workers to "ride" the forms during re-setting, as the gang/platform unit is hoisted as one and landed into previously mounted jump shoes. Hoisting time is extremely brief. An additional feature of the system is the trailing platform, which is connected to the A100 Frame as the system climbs its way up the structure. This trailing platform serves several functions, namely:


Jump Form Features

  • Allows convenient jump-shoe removal as construction proceeds.

  • Allows access to the safety tieback.

  • Allows sacking and patching to be accomodated from this trailing platform.



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