One-Sided Wall Forms




Atlas offers a few approaches for one-sided wall forming, depending on specific job requirements. The ganged system utilizes Weld brackets mounted to the soldier beams that support shoring for the below-grade excavation. Weld brackets are typically placed at 8 ft centers. Concrete placement rates at 5' per hour can generally be accommodated, while still maintaining 5' vertical spacing of ties. Standard inventory, snub-nosed coil taper ties are included as part of the system package, allowing both rapid installation and stripping of forms.

Atlas also has a unique handset approach to the forming of one-sided walls. The same components as above are utilized in individually placed aluminum beams. This design allows quick setting and stripping practices, along with the high load capacity of aluminum, absent of the use of a crane. This system is ideal for single lifts and projects with limited equipment and space.

A third approach is a tieless ganged wall system, which uses the Atlas A-100 Frame secured to the floor or foundation below.


  Atlas Wall Form System Brochure



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